Termite Control Newport Beach

Termite Control Newport Beach

Posted on July 23, 2014 · Posted in Termite Control Blog Archive

I recently moved into an old rental home that my grandfather had owned for a number of decades. I did not inspection of the home when I first moved in, and discovered that there was a massive infestation of termites. Even more disturbing, these were drywood termites that were exceptionally hard to get rid of.

This type of termite is capable of flying, and has large red heads on their black torsos. I found that they were capable of flying into small spaces around the house, and that they had infested large portions of the home. This included infestations in the subflooring, along the roofline, and there were even termites living inside of the walls. I also found that my attempts at killing the termites were ineffective, and that the termites that simply fly back to the areas that I had treated with pesticide.

I decided that the best thing for me to do was to contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control. This company that does termite control Newport Beach CA was able to come out to the home in order to do an inspection. They were able to identify the breed of termite, and they were also able to carefully note where the termites lived. This company that does termite control Newport Beach CA was able to even identify a pile of wood on the side of the house where a large number of termites where living, and they also found that some of the termites were living inside of the wooden parts of the wall located behind the curtain brickwork.

This termite control company recommended the best thing for me to do was to have the entire house gassed. This would make sure that all of the termite would be killed, and that they would not be able to come back as the result of a single termite nest not being exterminated. This termite control company was able to schedule a time for them to gas my house. This meant that I was able to prepare the house for being gassed, and that I was able to arrange for me to spend a couple of nights at a friend’s house where I could keep my dog.

This company began the process of gassing my house. They were able to do this by putting large pieces of plastic sheeting over the windows and doors, and by tapping up any places that air could leak through. They then filled my home with gas. The gas was able to penetrate deep into the walls in order to kill the termites that were inside of the tunnels they had bored through the wood. I found that this was able to get rid of all of the termites in my home, and that I did not see any living termites. I have lived in my house for a couple of months now, and I have had no new instances of termites around my house. I was even able to get rid of the termites before they did any structural damage.