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Rat and Mouse Control Information and Disease
Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome (HCPS) is a disease shed by infected deer mice through their urine, feces or droppings, and their saliva. The strain most common in California is called Sin Nombre (SNV). Although a relatively rare disease, it is often fatal to humans who breathe the air contaminated with the virus.
The outbreak at Yosemite National Park last year brought the issue to the forefront Nationwide, but especially in the State of California as there were reported cases in both Lake Forest and Trabuco Canyon. This deadly virus which was thought to be confined to the Yosemite area has now shown up in private homes. There were 51 cases reported in California last year.

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Infection can occur in a variety of ways, but the most common is by breathing contaminated air or dust while sweeping or cleaning out garages, storage areas, etc. If the mice have entered the home unknowingly, residents may be infected by touching countertops or areas where the mice have traveled.
Californians can expect to see larger populations of mice and rats in their garages, storage areas, and even their homes as the rodents seek shelter from the cooler temperatures and warmer places to search for food and construct nests for breeding. Because of this, the likelihood of contact with humans and transmission of the Hantavirus will increase. Although these rodents are not normally aggressive, the possibility of humans coming in contact with infected droppings or saliva increases dramatically in the cooler months as the mice forage through cupboards and houses looking for food and nesting materials.

Rat and Deer Mice Control
Deer mice can multiply very quickly. It takes only 21 days to go from conception to birth and they become sexually active about a week and a half later, making the possibility of a massive infestation quite likely within a short period of time. When male mice challenge for territory, they bite and/or scratch their rivals. If they are infected with Hantavirus, transmission to other mice is assured and the possibility of transmission to humans increases.

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Do not attempt to handle a rodent problem on your own and risk your health and the health of your family by stirring up possibly infected dust and air. If you must sweep an area, spray the area first with water to contain the dust and wear a dust mask at all times when sweeping. The best solution is to Contact the professionals at Kilter Termite and Pest Control to eradicate the problem and make your home safe and healthy again.

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