Wasp Chilling Being a Badass

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Posted on October 2, 2014 · Posted in Pest Control

Let Pest Control Orange County do Your Wasp Control

Homeowners provide comfortable living spaces for themselves and their families, not for critters living in walls and floorboards, paying no mortgage payments or utility bills. Not everyone has a pest infestation but the poor souls that have this problem need Pest Control Orange County. Some unwise persons have tried to rid their homes of wasp and termites but this is not recommended.

During periods of time when things are not in use wasp, termites and other creatures that love privacy will gather and make it home. Now, you want the space back and pest do not abandoned their new found homes easily. It is possible to chase some pest off but like weeds infested property, getting rid of some, and leaving a seed is like not getting rid of the problem at all.

Unfortunately, the homeowner with the wasp problem did not realize the wasp used their home as an extension of their natural domain and were well invested into the outer walls of the homeowner’s property. Now, these valiant souls tried homemade pest control; that of course, got out of control. Foggers are cheap and are used to rid homes of pest. Unfortunately, this method and others can also aggravate pest. People learn the hard way, some pest fight back; like wasp.

Bee vs Wasp

Horrible Wasp

A neighbor casually bragged about getting rid of wasp. Wiser people recommended calling a pest control service. Some talked about smoking the wasp out but this seemed such a fire hazard. Using a pressure hose was also mentioned but not too sensible. The homeowner finally decided upon a strong fogger. Of course, this avenue of action was treated with a still quiet. No one can tell another adult what to do but friends quietly shrugged with an “I wouldn’t do that.” Nevertheless, this homeowner was daring. Anyone reading this might add further description.

Turning his fogger lose in a wasp infested area while standing there waiting for them to faint away was a serious mistake. In this case, fortunately, no one got seriously hurt, stung a few times though. Luckily, no one in the vicinity had an allergy to stings. The funny part, it was realized, how fast this neighbor could run and how loud he could yell; He never gets in a hurry, for anything, always composed; it was funny. He looked like Ichabod Crane, running in, “The legend of Sleepy Hollow.” People would have thought his house was on fire, but I guess he was on fire in a sense, lighted up by those wasps. OK, I should be more understanding, but since he did not get hurt, admittedly it was hilarious. It is funny how pest can bring out the most interesting things in a quiet person. Never knew a quiet person could move so fast; but wasps are faster, swarming everywhere, and they wanted payback.

A pest Control professional has the solution for ridding your property of a wide variety of pest situations. Centipedes, wasp, beetles, termites and a list of more frightening creatures are in their package of pest solutions. Ants can be a problem too. This pest may seem simple to get rid of and pack a mean bite. If you have kids, a stick seems like a great way to stir them up. Ants do not take kindly to, “being disturbed.” Sadly, kids stand there and cry and ants keep biting. Call a professional and avoid the worry about wasps, ants and other pests.

So, if there is a buzzing abnormal to any area of your home, tough up and call Pest Control Orange County first. Do not tackle a wasp nest bigger than your calculations, and then make a hasty retreat followed by a large group of angry wasp. They will sting ferociously anything in their path.