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Mouse In My House

Posted on September 18, 2014 · Posted in Rat

The time I had a mouse in my house

About six months ago, I started to notice that there were strange noises in my home. I never noticed any noises during the day, but when I would go to sleep I would suddenly be confronted with a lot of very strange noises. The noises were very odd, and would sound like something was kind of scratching around. I did not know what the problem was, but when I noticed a small dropping on my pantry shelf I knew that it was a mouse.

Rat Poop

Rats Like TO Poop then roll in it

At first, I tried a number of different methods to get rid of the mouse. I set out a couple of traditional rat traps, and I even purchased some of the modern glue traps. Over the course of the next week I had not caught the rat, and I continued to hear it nearly every night. I even started to use weird methods to catch the rat. This included leaving my friend’s cat in the house, which resulted in it getting its nose hurt in one of the spring traps. I even ended up breaking a bottle of wine when I got scarred at seeing the mouse and threw it at it.

I knew that I was going to have to get rid of the mouse soon, and so I came up with an elaborate way to catch the mouse that mostly involved me spending way too much time on the internet. My first idea was to place cheese all over the house but when the rat came to eat the cheese I was too frightened to attack it so I ended up creating a kind of trap that involved me placing a peanut butter smeared stick on the end of my counter over an empty trash can. I was hoping that the mouse would climb out onto the stick, have it tip over, and then become trapped in the trash can. This only had the effect of having a date ask me about it, which ended up being a rather unique conversation started. This went well, but I had to confess that I had a mouse in my house.

Rat Surrounded By Cheese

Rats Like Cheese. Alot

I decided that the best thing for me to do was to contact a company that does Pest Control Orange County. The exterminator was able to look through my house, and found a couple of the droppings that were left by the mouse. The pest control specialist was able to determine that there was probably only one mouse inside of my house, and that from the droppings that it was probably a small mouse. The exterminator determined where the mouse was living in my house, and then set up a special trap that was located right where the mouse tended to run. Inside of the next couple of day, I found the mouse inside of the trap. This mouse removal process did not involve having to spray any harmful chemicals around my house.

The exterminator told me that the mouse in my house was the result of their being a population of them around my house, and that one had moved in as the result of competing for territory. The exterminator was able to get rid of some of the mice and prevent more from coming in my treating the area around my house. I have since found no mice in my house, and I have not spotted any of them in the original places I would see them like at the end of my yard.

Aaron Cunningham