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Getting Rid Of Rats

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Getting Rid of Rats or Mice

Rats historically have been living in or around humans for centuries. They are vectors of disease, they cause property damage with chewing electrical wires and rat infestation makes you look dirty to your community. Good sanitation practices and prevention methods are the best ways to control rat populations and infestations. Rats need food(duh! Those Tomatoes are not going to eat themselves), water (Duh) and shelter (your attic or garage). Eliminating one or more of these vital nesting areas by prevention and exclusion will result in either reduction or prevention of the rodent population/ infestation. Don’t be dirty and if your house smells. Now you know why you got filthy animals living with you ( not your kids although they can count)

What can you do?

Do you even have a rat problem? Or is someone just living in your attic? Rats are generally active in the evening and at night but may be seen during the day when infestations are heavy. Look for these easy to spot clues…
• Look for nests of garbage near sidewalks, bushes and plants, along your house’s foundation, attic , garage and in the basement. An active poop nest (they poop and pee where they sleep) is free of cobwebs and debris. Watch for signs of freshly disturbed poop and pee at the base of nests and along traveled areas.
• Look for gnawing marks (chewing) around doors, windows, plumbing, electrical outlets and doorways. The incisor teeth of rats grow fast and chew every day to keep their teeth at the proper length (or the teeth would grow through their heads preventing them from eating). Norway rats will gnaw through blacktop to burrow beneath foundations and alleyways they are tough filthy animals.
• Look for dark colored fresh rat droppings in hidden areas along walls, They leave nasty greasy black marks when theyre gross fur rubs against things. Remember, they pee and poop where they sleep then gorubbing around your home. sicko.
• Look for runways where rats go back and forth peeing and pooping while leaving dark, greasy track marks along baseboards and worn down paths in the grass. Indoors, Norway rats prefer continual body contact with at least one vertical surface such as a wall near ground or floor level. Meaning They’re dragging major nasty around your home.

Getting Rid Of Rats

What must you do?

Use a durable trashcan with a tight-fitting lid. It’s the law. Do not put out trash in plastic bags! Rats will chew through them and feast on your leftovers!
• Remove leftover pet food (cats, dogs and birds) and animal waste (feces) every day from the back of your yard. Animal waste contains undigested pet food that rats will eat! Also fruit plants and trees.
• Remove old furniture, vehicles and appliances from your property. Don’t give rats a home! So tell hubby that that broken down car on blocks has to go!
• Mow tall grass and weeds. Don’t give them a place to hide! They will nest anywhere
• Don’t let rats inside your home once inside they have to be caught or killed! Rats can squeeze through cracks and holes as small as half an inch. Seal all holes and cracks in foundations, walls, floors and around windows with professional exclusion methods.
• Store lumber, firewood and other materials well off the ground. They like to hide behind these during the day if they know you are around.
• Repair any breaks in the sewer line that connects from your home to the main sewer. They like to roll around in poop to come walking through your house and countertops.

Rats in Los Angeles Exterminator

Rats in Los Angeles dont scare me

Rats in Los Angeles and Orange County

The most common rat in Los Angeles and Orange County is the Norway Rat also known as the Brown Rat. Adult Norway Rats have course brownish fur and the young ones have soft gray fur.
They have reproductive sprees where they will give birth like 7 times a year and have 12 of them per pregnancy. That means you have an entire family that is growing larger every day living with you! They are touching your countertops peeing in your attic, rolling around in it then giving you little kisses at night. Gross They probably inbreed to so you know the little rat brothers and sisters are makin’ babies while you sleep. Peeing and pooping while doing so I bet.

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