How To Control Rats

How To Control Rats

Posted on January 9, 2015 · Posted in Rat

How To Control Rats/ Rat Control Methods/ Ways Of Controlling Rats

If you are struggling with a rat problem locally or if you have recently discovered rats in or around your own property, knowing how to go about controlling the rodents is essential. Controlling rats and implementing control methods around the house and around the outside of your home is a way for you to ensure your property is free of rats and other rodents all-year round. Using bait and various traps can help to quickly catch and control any rat problem you are experiencing in your home or around your property but excluding the building from entry is crucial. Rodent Exterminators get asked for DIY tips every day and hopefully this little post will help you get started. If you need help call a professional!

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Inspecting Your Property

First it is important to inspect your home or the property you believe you have the rat infestation in. Inspecting the area in which the rodents have infested is a way for you to pinpoint entrances and methods that the rodents are using to enter into the home. Locating all entry points and methods of getting in to the home is a way to determine the best course of action whether you are choosing to use rodent traps or other types of bait and rodenticides. This is what a professional exterminator would do before recommending any services to you and your family. It is very important if you are making this assessment by yourself that you find all entry points, fecal pellets and potential nesting areas.

Rat Inspection


Using rodent traps is one method to control rats without the use of rodenticides or poisons, which can often be harmful and potentially fatal to children and pets when not used properly. Setting traps should be done after thoroughly inspecting your home for any openings, cracks and entrances that rats and other rodents are using to enter the property. Check walls, cords, outlets, vents and even doorways to determine whether the rodents are doing damage in the house or around the exterior of the home. Setting traps can be done with the use of food along with a trap setup, often easy to set once opened. Rodent traps allow you to quickly trap rodents attempting to get in to your home from a known location or area which is easily accessible from outdoors. This is a good tip on how to control rats. I would Highly recommend traps over baits below due to inherent risk with poisons.

Rat Control Methods

Bait for Rodents

Using rodenticides and other bait for rodents also helps to trap them and in some cases, fatally wound them while attempting to get in to your home or property. Using bait for rodents is often recommended outdoors and near entrances of the home in order to prevent the rats from coming into the house altogether.

It is essential to keep bait and traps away from all household pets and children regardless of their age to avoid injury and potential fatalities. Due to the poison used within much of the bait available to catch rodents and rats today, it is essential to keep children, pets and other individuals away from the area where traps and bait are located in the home.

Having an understanding of the various methods available to help with controlling rats in and around homes and other properties is a way to avoid the additional hassle and damage rats may do over time when left unattended and untreated. Getting rid of rats, although time-consuming at times, is a way to guarantee you are controlling the problem rats regardless of the size of the infestation in your property or home.

How To Control Rats

D Con Mouse/ Rat bait

Most over the counter counter baits contain the same ingredient found in professional poison but in a much lower dose because of the risks mentioned above. This lower dose reduces effectiveness and causes a slow torturous bleed out by the animal, making a gross mess while attracting predators ( like cats and dogs ). If your pet happens to eat the dead or dying mouse, depending on their body weight could die or become seriously injured/sick.

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